Brock the Croc (We Are Colourful Friends)

Brock the Croc_IMG_6777

Several JK/SK students at Blessed Scalabrini CES and St. David CES (‪#‎YCDSB‬) liked Ruby (a 6′ tall sculpture of a red flamingo) and requested that I make sculptures of the other 10 characters in my book titled, We Are Colourful Friends.

Ruby is thrilled to announce her new colourful friend Brock the Croc. Brock is made of recycled materials and paper mache. We welcomed him into our family on Family Day 2016. He weighs 5 lbs and 1oz and is 4′ 2”.

Brock will be joining Ruby & I at future JK/SK interactive workshops within the GTA.