Lyme Disease Petition

Many Thanks to all of you who did sign the “Ticking Lyme Bomb” petition!!!

The “Ticking Lyme Bomb” petition (… ) although highly successful in making Canadians aware of the medical politics of Lyme disease is not defendable in the House of Commons.

A NEW Petition that is able to be used in the House of Commons was written by Member of Parliament Elizabeth May. Please follow the link below to sign this new Parliamentary e-Petition which was written so that the draft Federal Lyme Framework issued February 7th can be protested by our Members of Parliament.

The Parliamentary Petition is found here:

Although the two petitions are useful for different reasons, both of them are important to sign.

Please also share this message with anyone else you know who might be concerned about being infected with Lyme disease and having an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for it available in Canada.