Ruby_We Are Colourful Friends_02.03.2016

Thank you to everyone that participated in our draw at The Feast of Ages on July 31st, 2016 in Uxbridge.   Congratulations to Elayne Bassett, Elisabeth Chomko & Lindsay Fung!  You won an interactive workshop for a JK/SK class or grade 1 class.  The workshop includes reading the book titled, “We Are Colourful Friends” using hand-held puppets, acting out the pages of the book and creating a collage.  As a follow-up activity, children will receive colouring sheets.

The class will be visited by Ruby.  A six foot tall red flamingo.  She has a tiara, necklace and fancy high heels just like the character in the book.

Feast of the Ages–Uxbridge

My colourful friends & I will be participating in The Feast of the Ages in Uxbridge, Ontario on Sun., July 31st, 2016.  We’ll be offering complimentary face painting.  Here’s an aerial view of the farm.  There will be live music, food, entertaining, hay rides, etc.Uxbridge Farm